* Ship to an address other than your billing address
    If you wish to have your order shipped to an address other than your Billing Address, then as a security precaution to protect our customers against fraud, we do require an authorization. Here are the authorization procedures that we accept:

    A) For order price under $100:
      Please Send a Fax Authorization containing the following items:

      1. Copy of the front and back of credit card.
      2. Copy of a picture ID.
      3. A statement reading "I authorize ScreenWall.com to ship my order to the following (shipping) address:" followed by the shipping address.
      4. A handwritten signature.

      And Fax to: 1-626-333-1008   ScreenWall Customer Service

    B) For order price $100 and more:

      1. Please contact your credit card issuing bank and have your shipping destination added as an authorized alternate ship-to address on their records.
      2. Please send an e-mail to service@screenwall.com, when address is successfully added.
      3. We will contact your bank to verify this information after you've placed an order.